Chrysanthemum by Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Tea Set 5pc (#2798) Magnificent!

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  • COMPOSITION : Sterling Silver
  • AGE : 1850-1899
  • BRAND : Tiffany & Co.
  • PATTERN : Chrysanthemum
  • MAKER : Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany&apos s luxurious Chrysanthemum silver was designed in 1880. With its flowing curves, swirling vegetation, meandering tendrils and exotic blossoming plants, Chrysanthemum is characteristic of &quot The Tiffany Style&quot or &quot Art Nouveau&quot as that style is now more commonly known. The rich and graceful flowering motifs of Chrysanthemum were undoubtedly influenced by Louis Comfort Tiffany. They make Chrysanthemum the most sumptuous of any American silver pattern.
Chrysanthemum by Tiffany Co.
Absolutely stunning Chrysanthemum by Tiffany Co. sterling silver 5-piece tea set with &quot T&quot date mark for 1892-1902. This set includes:
1 - Kettle on Stand: Measures 13 1/2&quot tall x 11&quot and weighs 89.20 troy ounces.

1 - Coffee Pot: Measures 9&quot tall x 9 1/2&quot and weighs 40.0 troy ounces.

1 - Tea Pot: Measures 5 1/2&quot tall x 10 1/2&quot and weighs 40.0 troy ounces.

1 - Sugar Bowl (with Lid): Measures 5&quot tall x 8 1/4&quot and weighs 29.0 troy ounces.

1 - Creamer: Measures 6 1/2&quot tall x 4 1/2&quot and weighs 17.1 troy ounces.
This set has a vintage monogram accented with chrysanthemums and leaves (see photos), and is in excellent condition. Breathtaking!
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