Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Tea Set w/Chrysanthemums 6pc One-Of-A-Kind #0157

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  • AGE : 1850-1899
  • PATTERN : Chrysanthemum
  • BRAND : Tiffany & Co.
  • COMPOSITION : Sterling Silver
  • MAKER : Tiffany & Co.
  • TYPE : Tea/ Coffee Pots & Sets

is an exquisite, exceptional, Tiffany Co. special order/custom
one-of-a-kind sterling 6-piece sterling set with kettle on stand and
chrysanthemum motif.   The pieces have an inscription that says &quot A
Wedding Gift to Sophia Augusta Brown From her Mother October 7, 1885&quot .
  (When she married William Watts Sherman.)   The pieces have and applied
&quot SBA&quot monogram and crest.   Provenance: This set was from the Brown
Family from Brown University of Providence, Rhode Island.   It is of the
finest quality.   The pieces have a block &quot M&quot mark.   The set features 3-D
chrysanthemum finials and lion
feet.   The set includes:

  • Kettle On Stand:   Measures 12 1/2&quot tall, 11&quot wide, and it weighs 98.93 ozt.  

  • Tea Pot:   Measures 5 3/4&quot tall, 11&quot wide, and it weighs 51.1 ozt.  

  • Coffee Pot:   Measures 9 1/4&quot tall, 9&quot wide, and it weighs 47.3 ozt.  

  • Creamer:   Gold washed inside and measures 4 3/8&quot tall, 6 1/2&quot wide, and it weighs 24.2 ozt.  

  • Sugar Bowl:   Measures 5 1/4&quot tall, 8&quot wide, and it weighs 38.0 ozt.  

  • Waste Bowl:   Gold washed inside and measures 3 1/4&quot tall, 6 1/4&quot wide, and it weighs 25.1 ozt.  

  • A truly magnificent tea service.   Excellent condition.   SKU#0157.
    PROVENANCE: Sophia Augusta Brown was William&apos s second wife and his most socially prominent. She brought elegance, taste, and social prominence to the Sherman family.

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