Angelique by International Sterling Silver Ice Scoop HHWS Custom Made 9 3/4"

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  • TYPE : Serving Pieces
  • AGE : Post-1940
  • BRAND : International
  • COMPOSITION : Sterling Silver
  • MAKER : International
  • PATTERN : Angelique

If delicate French beauty has a name, it is Angelique. Designed for
the romantic, this elegant and delightfully feminine pattern features a
tiny focal blossom, enhanced with dainty incised buds and graduated
scrolls. Its delicate proportions and exquisite simplicity will bring
beauty and style to your table.


 Sterling Silver ICE SCOOP HOLLOW HANDLE WITH STAINLESS IMPLEMENT CUSTOM MADE 9 3/4"  in the pattern ANGELIQUE BY INTERNATIONAL. It is NOT monogrammed and is in excellent condition. 


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