Arthur Stone Sterling Silver Tea Set Hand Wrought 5 Pc. (#0284)

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  • COMPOSITION : Sterling Silver
  • MAKER : Arthur Stone
  • AGE : 1900-1940


Arthur Stone is highly regarded for the fine handwrought silver produced by him personally and by the workshop he started in 1901. His shop employed and trained many fine silversmiths who later established their own shops, like George Blanchard. Stone did most of the designing himself, and he personally supervised the work until his retirement in 1937. The company then became Stone Associates, and remained in business until 1957, all the while maintaining high standards of quality.

Simple 5-piece sterling silver tea set made by Arthur Stone.  The pieces have finials and insulators.  The Arts Crafts set dates from the 1930's.  The set includes:
  • Coffee Pot:  Measures 7 1/2" tall, 9 1/2" wide, and it weighs 28.2 ozt.  
  • Tea Pot:  Measures 5 1/4" tall, 10" wide, and it weighs 23.6 ozt.  
  • Sugar Bowl:  Measures 4 1/4" tall, 6 1/2" wide, and it weighs 12.4 ozt. 
  • Creamer:  Measures 4" tall, 5 1/8" wide, and it weighs 8.4 ozt.  
  • Waste:  Measures 3 1/4" tall, 4 3/4" wide, and it weighs 8.5 ozt.
  • It is not monogrammed and is in excellent condition.  Beautiful set!  SKU#0284.



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