Mythologique by Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware Set for 12 Service 76 pcs Dinner

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  • COMPOSITION : Sterling Silver
  • FEATURED REFINEMENTS : Sterling Silver Service for 12
  • AGE : 1850-1899
  • BRAND : Gorham
  • PATTERN : Mythologique
  • TYPE : Flatware - Sets
  • MAKER : Gorham

The Mythologique pattern was designed by Antoine Heller, a French silversmith trained under the influence of the E?cole des Beaux-Arts in the studio of Jean-Le?on Ge?ro?me. Joining Gorham in 1881 after a brief stint at Tiffany Co., Heller served as the company?s chief designer until his death in 1904, and led the company in adopting the academic style that harkened back to ancient Greek and Roman traditions. He was especially known for the precision with which he executed the steel dies that would be used for the drop presses. This talent was remarked upon with envy by several French critics and journals including La France, who lauded, ?M. Heller is at once an inspired artist, having the gift of style, of grace and of elegance and a workman possessing a skill without a rival?a hand for which no obstacle exists. Notice how are modeled, posed, and?if I dare so to speak?harmonized ? the mythological personages of these spoons, engraved in relief upon squares of steel. It is perfection.? 
Each example of Mythologique flatware was decorated with one of 24 intricately wrought mythological figures and scenes, surrounded by classical ornamentation. 
Superb Dinner Size Mythologique by Gorham sterling silver flatware set - 76 pieces. This set includes:

  • 12 Dinner Size Knives, 9 3/4&quot
  • 12 Dinner Size Forks, 8&quot
  • 12 Large Salad/Fish Forks, 6 7/8&quot
  • 12 Teaspoons,  5 7/8&quot
  • 12 Place Soup Spoons, 7 1/4&quot
  • 12 Flat Handle Butter Spreaders, 6 1/2&quot
  • 2 Serving Spoons, 8 1/2&quot
  • 1 Cold Meat Fork, 8 3/4&quot
  • 1 Flat Handle Master Butter Knife, 8&quot

  • Includes BONUS brand new storage chest. 

    Excellent condition, with varying monograms on the reverse. All of are old manufacture except for a few pieces which are newer manufacture. This set will be hand polished and sealed in individual plastic sleeves prior to
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